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July 24, 2008

cyclamen europaeum

So I am trying out some homeopathic medicines, since I have been getting dizzy lately and sometimes disassociated and disconnected with my surroundings and this homeopathic remedy – Cyclamen Europaeum – is supposedly good for that kind of stuff. It was REALLY cheap – only 6.95 for 80 pellets, that you dissolved in your mouth 3 times a day. I thought the pellets would taste gross or have at least some kind of taste but they kind of just tasted like chalk (placebo? haha). Cyclamen is a plant and the substance that is used in the medicine apparently is also toxic (when you take too much) – so I need to be careful too with this that I don’t take too much. Just saying the word “pellets” makes me feel like I am a mouse or something – like I need to get fed my pellets. hahaha
Something really freaky though – I took the cyclamen last night before I went to bed and I had crazy dreams! I normally don’t dream that much but I remembered my dreams and I never felt like I was actually asleep. I took it again this morning – and I don’t really notice yet if my focus is any better. I will keep taking it just to see … and if I don’t notice anything in a week or so I’ll just stop. You’re not supposed to take homeopathic medicines for longer than the symptoms last anyway.
According to, here are some of the symptoms that Cyclamen Europaeum is supposed to treat:
Best suited for leuco-phlegmatic persons with anaemic or chlorotic conditions; easily fatigued, and in consequence not inclined to any kind of labor; feeble or suspended functions of organs or special senses.
Pains; pressive, drawing or tearing of parts where bone lie near the surface.
Ailments: from suppressed grief and terrors of conscience; from duty not done or bad act committed.
Great sadness and peevishness, irritable, morose, ill-humored; inclined to weep; desire for solitude; aversion to open air (rev. of Puls. ).
Headache in anaemic patients, with flickering before eyes or dim vision, on rising in morning.
Flickering before eyes, fiery sparks, as of various colors, glittering needles, dim vision of fog or smoke.
Satiety after a few mouthfuls ( Lyc. ), food then becomes repugnant, causes nausea in throat and palate.
Saliva and all food has a salty taste; pork disagrees.
Burning sore pain in heels, when sitting, standing or walking in open air ( Agar. , Caust. , Val. , Phyt. ).
Relations. – Compare: Puls. , Cinch. , Fer. in chlorosis, and anaemic affections; Croc. , Thuja as if some thing alive in abdomen.

On another health note – I ordered these foot patches called the Cleanse Patch. I spent too much money on these dang things and they still haven’t showed up yet. It says it only takes 5-7 days for them to show up, but nothin! And it’s been almost 2.5 weeks! My mom’s birthday card she sent me never showed up either. Damn. I have been reading a lot about people’s experiences with the cleanse patch and it’s really funny – people are so adament about things that are “quackery” and scams. I say, if it works for you and you believe it, then good!! Mind over matter. Self healing – the power of the mind is more than we know. So let people believe what they want to believe. Others that capitalize on it – to live off of it and make money – if they believe in it as much as their customers do, then fine! If they are knowingly jacking people of their cashola then okay that’s not cool. I still want to try them just for the hell of it.

I have done quite a few cleanses, and honestly I really really liked the 14 day Cleanse called The Cleaner. I also did the Ultimate Cleanse last year, but The Cleaner was a lot more gentle and I felt more of the effects in my skin as well as my intestines. The Ultimate Cleanse had a LOT of pills and more instructions and it seemed like once my intestines were cleared out – which only took about a week, but the cleanse takes 21 days, I felt like the pills weren’t doing anything. The Cleaner I felt working all the way up to the end of the 14 days.

Didn’t go to the gym yesterday because I had my stairway kids until 7:30 and didn’t wind up getting home till 9 since I took the light rail home. It’s alright though – I will make it up today. I couldn’t take it yesterday and totally ate a bunch of crap all day long. Wheat thins, beef jerky, shrimp tacos, rice, beans, with cheese. Oh man, it was too much for one day since I have been restricting my diet so much. I have been having slight stomache pains as well so maybe the cyclamen will help with that.

Okay enough on the health update. !!! Today is a good day – boss is gone at work.. WOOHOO!! 🙂

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  1. You were kind to comment on my blog, so I came to read yours. This particular one caught my interest. Mainly because I deal in nutritional supplements that are safe!!!
    Sounds like you really are doing many things to help yourself. The one thing I see lacking are your supplements. Take a look at or contact me with questions.

    Comment by lorrhans — July 25, 2008 @ 6:57 pm

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