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July 28, 2008

cleanse patch update

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So I finally got the cleanse patch in the mail – and was really stoked to try it out!

I opened up the package – that by the way – didn’t look fancy at all. Inside was everything wrapped in PLASTIC (I hate plastic) – so that was a little irritating… anyway – so I examined the patches and it looked like they were filled with a powdery substance, kind of like a tea bag but with finer grains (i know thats the wrong terminology) – and it smelled like something that had been in tupperware in your fridge for too long – and then you open it up – but it’s not THAT old – so I guess kind of moldy but not quite… and I put the patch on my foot with the tape and taped it on. The tape worked really good and it stuck really well.
Maybe because I knew it was on my foot – I could feel it – and my legs were kind of tingly – it’s odd to say that because maybe it was just in my head – but it seemed like they were tingling.
In the morning I checked it out. I had seen pictures of the patches before and they look like they were pitch black and sticky and gross and all this stuff .. but mine were just a medium green/grayish color and smelled like smog/smoke. Like someone was BBQin’ on my foot. I don’t smoke – but we had a lot of fires up here (which is why I thought it would be cool to test out the patch) … and my legs felt very light the rest of day. Kind of like my legs were refreshed. My energy level however has plummeted – but I also stopped taking the cyclamen – so it could be related to that. My friend Linda gave me some insight on the herbal thing .. and said they can be mood enhancers and also mood swingers… so that could have something to do with it too…
I also drank on friday and haven’t been to the gym since. I know that always messes with my energy levels too. Okay back to the cleanse patch – so I didn’t really feel any other difference except for my legs feeling lighter and my energy levels dropping. I used the cleanse patch again last night and the patches came out the same type of color that they did yesterday. Not lighter or darker. I did notice though that when you put the patch on – wherever the powdered substance is in the patch is where it is going to build up and turn colors. If you can even it out before you put it on … I might try that tonight. I don’t think they are a scam – because I can notice a physical difference – even if it’s slight. I try to be a generally pretty healthy person but I could see if someone wasn’t, how these patches would help – so I’d say try ’em out!! But get the cleanse patch – it’s a specific brand. After my research online this one seemed like the most legit.

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  1. Any updates on the cleanse patch? I’ve been looking into this myself and it seems really neat. I’m wondering if these patches just turn brown with moisture from your skin which makes you think it is taking toxins out?

    Where does the product say the toxins are coming from; you blood or skin?

    I’m very curious to know how they have been working for you for the past few months.

    Comment by Jordan — November 27, 2008 @ 5:54 pm

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