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August 25, 2008


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this is awesome.

Beeturia is passing of red or pink urine after eating beets. It affects 10-14% of the population. While some believe it to be an autosomal recessive trait, it has been shown that individuals differ over time in having beeturia.
The red color seen in beeturia is caused by the presence of betalain pigments passed through the body.

I just think its so cool when you eat something and it causes a physical reaction like your pee turning colors. lol i mean…. red pee. thats crazy!! just cause you ate a vegetable!! I am highly amused by this…..and I had to share it with someone…. or at least online.

Today was my first day off with no job or anything. I spent half the day sitting around thinking… hmmm…. I don’t have anything to “officially” do today. Although I did spend an hour or so online promoting…. then I finally got off my ass and out of my PJs to the gym. I am glad I did that. I hadn’t gone since friday.

Now it’s the latter half of the day – but I already have an interview with a temp agency tomorrow morning at 9:30. So much for taking a few days to sleep in and get my thoughts together. I have a show tomorrow night too.

I need the show to go well…. I had to move it from the upstairs because they changed the construction plans on me …. but its costing me more money to do it at the other venue. So i really really hope it does well…

Anyhow – I am trying to get back into the peaceful chi mindset. I think the gym and the beets help. I feel like my body is craving vegetables.. I don’t know why…. but I’m way into carrots, avocados and beets right now.

I have to be stronger than the demons. I am a pretty tough cookie so I am sure I will be fine. If not – I’ll just have a crazy nervous breakdown and then maybe get a real vacation. haha.. ha.. haa..uhhhh…
I have been through worse.

I think I am going to take a shower and walk down to the park so I can swing on the swings. That sounds good right now.

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  1. I never knew that it had a name attached to it. Awesome.

    Comment by avaine — September 2, 2008 @ 9:57 am

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