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September 23, 2008

pay attention?

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So since I am not at my “normal” job anymore – and I am spending more time looking for jobs and reflecting and thinking and all that mumbo jumbo – I am not doing so much blogging. That doesn’t mean I am not inspired to blog – I’m just not?

Everything lately has kind of been a blur. It’s like – I do one thing… then I do something else.. and that’s how it goes. Instead of going day to day , I am more like, hour to hour. Thinking of the future but not planning too much for it. Doing what I have to do to get through the day. It’s not really apathy or depression – more like …… ?? Don’t know.

There it is again – the big word that you know would be here. Change.
That’s what it is. All this change.

I am happy in the general sense. My phone hasn’t been shut off yet – I haven’t been evicted – I still have food to eat, so I’d consider my basic needs met. Not that my phone is a basic need….

I posted a bulletin on myspace today and wanted to repeat it …. no one responds to those things… but I always amuse myself with them…

maybe it’s too much gym?

ugh I don’t know but have you ever had your back sore? it’s a weird feeling – it’s definitely not as tolerable as when your calves/legs are sore.

blah. I need to do some good deeds this week to make up for the lame-o pro-republican phone calls I am going to be making all week. Yay for a temp job – no yay for phone calls.

This weekend however is the third eye blind concert. it’s about time. this will be my 20th time seeing them. yes. twentieth. aaaahhhh.

I am hoping that at the show I will have some type of great sense of enlightenment/vision of my future. Somehow – third eye blind concerts always show me the light.

if i dont….can’t say I will be disappointed … at least I will have been able to see an awesome show.

Hey Tomorrow… whats up??!! Tomorrow is a bastard man – never telling you what to expect – never calling you in advance to let you know what’s going on – no heads up, no nothing. Geeze.

I suppose tomorrow is only a pattern of waves of electrons that our higher consciousness decides to turn in objects at our exact moment of observance.

go electrons!!!!!

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