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November 5, 2008

a motivationist outlook on self created self motivational motivation

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I don’t know if it exists!!!!

I will get off the computer (by noon) … and clean the litter box, take out all the trash and recyclables…. and put away my stuff I got from my sister and do the few dishes.

I think that putting it out there on paper/the screen helps to make myself do it. Because ya know.. I posted a blog about it, so I have to do it now right? Doesn’t that make it more official or something?

I have been really busy since I got back from the salton sea and I can’t even think of what I have been doing? I feel like the past week and a half have felt like 2 months. I guess that’s good then?

I am going to start doing shows next year at the upstairs I really really hope. I sent out a contract for another shoot the lights out dance party and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works out. I hope she takes the time to read the whole thing and make it happen for me.  The dance parties are always a blast to put on.

OH yea  – I am going to add sending out applications to my list of things to do today too.

This blog is very not exciting. That’s alright though. It’s more for me I think

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