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November 11, 2008

when a cat goes crazy….

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Sooo… My sister bought my cat a  new collar, a shiny pink one that glitters. It also has a bell on it. This bell at first I thought my cat would be irritated with it, but… turns out she loves it. She loves it so much that when she first got it, she ran through the house like a crazy cat and managed to knock over the TV tray that had my laptop sitting on it and have it land directly on its connector cable. Not sure what exactly happened… but my laptop doesn’t work anymore. The connection to the cord is lose. I tried to open my computer up and maybe just put it back in place if something may have become dislodged… but after taking out all the screws… it still didn’t come apart very easily so I decided against continuing to pull it apart – I couldn’t really take the cracking noise. It didn’t really sound right.

So I am at a coffee shop on the internet. Doing the email/myspace check and also seeing how much money I have in my bank account. I think I am okay right now. I am supposed to get another paycheck sometime soon, but I am not exactly sure when…. I thought it was supposed to be today.

I got another temp job so I will be able to work for another month. That’s great – because I was worried about not making rent in January.

I should get to walking home though. I always feel bad spending too much time on these public computers cause someone always needs to use it. That’s a whole nother blog though.

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