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May 19, 2012

the letter that blacklisted me

I worked at a temp agency for six weeks and this outlines my experience. After I sent this letter – I was blacklisted from the temp agency. I have removed the financial information from this so to not have any backlash from the temp agency but I thought it was worth sharing…. to share the unjustice that was done to me. 


I have been a temporary assistant at FMC Schilling Robotics for almost
6 weeks. During my time I have worked under Meagan Anderson in
marketing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work here, learning about the
company, the emerging technologies and positive culture that FMC
Schilling Robotics has bred. I have been able to assist Meagan on
mostly administrative tasks as well as some marketing projects.
Specifically I was able to cut up and sync the audio to the training
videos and work on rebranding the brochures, datasheets and templates.
I have always been interested in technology; my BA degree is in
Communications with an emphasis on digital media. I am constantly
learning about new efficient ways to use technology to streamline and
improve processes. I have expressed a great desire to Meagan to learn
more about the company and the technology at Schilling. I was able to
receive a tour of the manufacturing facility, but at the end of the
tour, I was looking forward to debriefing with Meagan and instead I
was told to go back to my desk (where I did not have any tasks
waiting). I have also expressed this desire to learn to Tamara Gordon.
Tamara and I had the opportunity to work on formatting and organizing
the HD ROV Level 1 Training Course handbook. Working as a team with
Tamara was great. She was friendly, nice and clear with her
directions, I truly felt valued and the work was very enjoyable.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my temporary agency Robert
Half Technologies that I was not to return to work tomorrow. This came
to me as a complete shock as I had lunch with Meagan earlier that day.
At our lunch I expressed to her my desire to become more involved and
to know more about the projects she is working on and to have more
focused work. I felt like Meagan had been treating me as if I was
lower than her. I didn’t feel like part of a team and I wanted to be
of more help to her. I told her that I work much better with project
based work where I am familiar with processes and the background of
tasks. I hadn’t received any deliverables for the week and when I
asked her for them, she told me she didn’t have time to give me any. I
explained to her that made it hard for me to do my job and she said
that was just how marketing was and she didn’t even have a list for
herself for that week. Iasked her if I could help her get more
organized with her projects and she seemed offended. She then
explained to me that I was a temporary assistant and that she didn’t
see reasoning as to why to include me on bigger projects when I am not
going to be there in a couple of weeks. Although it disheartened me, I
understood this. I told her that while I was disappointed that there
was no hope for advancement and/or an extension of my contract, I
would continue to come to work and do my job to the best of my ability
for the rest of my time at FMC Schilling Robotics. I felt grateful to
be able to speak to Meagan so candidly at our lunch, because I had
understood we went to lunch to try to get a better understanding of
each other and our work styles. I did not feel threatened at the time,
I thought we were just having a conversation. I offered to pay for
lunch and Meagan used her business card for it, which I was surprised
at. As Meagan left work today she told me “see you tomorrow,” knowing
full well that I would not be there the next day because she had told
the temp agency that I was not working out.

I am aware of the workload that Meagan has and I was more than willing
to help. I was disappointed that at my rate of xxxx an hour and a
bill rate of xxxx an hour, that I was being used to fold shirts and
update templates with very little structure to my work. I continue to
be in shock with the whole situation. My work ethic is good. I show up
on time, I work hard, I get things done and I enjoy working. I know
that I can be utilized at FMC Schilling Robotics if not with Meagan
than with Tamara, as she needs help with her Student Guides/Training
Materials. I feel disrespected with what happened, that I was not even
given the courtesy being told that I would no longer be needed. My
temporary agency told me that Meagan stated the reason I was let go
was because I was complaining too much about being a temporary
employee. I never felt like I was complaining, simply wanting more of
a desire to feel like part of a team, much like I did with Tamara. I
could not believe that our lunch out together was used against me in
such a way. I also did not know that could be used as grounds for

I was let go a mere three weeks before the end of my contract, costing
FMC Schilling Robotics over xxx dollars for truncating my contract early,
when I could have happily been of service. If Meagan did not want to
continue working with me, I could have finished out my contract under
Tamara. The workload in training is quite large and I work
productively with guidance and direction from Tamara. I am very
excited and motivated by what FMC Schilling Robotics is doing, I would
love to be a part of the team and I am saddened by what has transpired
with Meagan. I just want to let you know what has taken place and to
thank you for my short time with Schilling. I understand the policy of
quality and efficiency that FMC Schilling Robotics has and I thought
that you would like to know about this situation.

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