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November 28, 2016

A new beginning.

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I won’t be sorry that I couldn’t be whatever it is you wanted me to be

I’m just the person that I am

It’s not fair that I wanted you to change for me

OK I know that I’m alright

I know that I’m getting it now

This fight of being so one sided it hurts

To know that all this energy and all this time never really meant anything to you at all.

Maybe I’m just overthinking

I know better, maybe I don’t

Could use┬ásome time to figure out what’s going on in my head

I keep thinking about how things are the way they are

Not the way I want them to be and that’s OK

Because I’m tired of using all this energy

I can’t say that it was wasted but

I’m not sure where it went


June 23, 2009

“25” sentiments….

The feeling of

5 x 5

takes me to the future

the future I have made


my future quickly becomes my past

mistake infused

glee infested

lost pieces of memories

that find themselves

places to hide

moving forward, supposed to leave them behind

but I want to remember

yesterday’s faults

and I want to forgive


the feeling of

5 x 5

takes over

and I just can’t move on.

October 8, 2008

a pirates story….

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Listen to the jingle jangle of the pirates many keys
and the ruckus of the souls who have been unlocked by those keys.
A RECKLESS pirate let them out but never put them back!
Going from door to door out of crazed curiousity
he used and plundered for his own enjoyment.
He wonders why the world hates him so…
Oh what a poor pirate,
wandering the fair seas
with never a home to call his own
With such joy the spirits do lift him up
above those who he has wronged
so he can see
but even the purest of spirits won’t change the pirate because he is
only loyal to himself
Such a sad sight,
the homeless, loveless pirate
If only he could make out the sight of something
true to form
He does not know to keep those souls behind the locked doors.
He sees the shores as his enemies and feels it is his plight
to make sure his work is done
guided by his MIGHT.
The holiest might that screams, RIGHTEOUS, at the same time
Furthering on a timeless ship that hopes to someday
win this fight
only all the seas have made him sick
and alas he cannot see very well

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