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July 8, 2008

apocolyptic dream

So I had this dream last night – and I have been thinking that my life has more purpose to it than I know… and I know it was just a dream, but it really seemed to be an affirmation more than anything.

There was this huge catastrophe in the world – a massive flood, think noah’s ark kind of flood… and there were a group of us who were on some high rise buildings… there were these waves coming in and everyone kept thinking that each wave was going to be the one that was going to take us out. For some reason I knew which wave was going to be the one… so I started trying to band everyone together and tell them to calm down and stop freaking out because that wave wasn’t the one that was going to be it. I just had this overwhelming feeling of responsibility and calmness. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to save anyone – but it was more like I didn’t want everyone to be going all crazy on their last moments on earth. I know it’s a silly dream, but I do have this feeling that something is going to happen in the world and I am going to have some type of integral role in something… somewhere… somehow. It probably sounds crazy and my mom tells me that it’s a nutso thing to think… but I really feel it!!!!!!!

So yea… that was interesting.

Even though I slept last night, I am still exhausted. Exhausted but happy. The July optimism is working! WOOO! Thank goodness!


July 2, 2008

another way in?

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Somehow I managed to get on here at work – maybe they did something to the filter? Anyway – last night I argued with my mom.. nothing new. But we don’t argue, we discuss. I can agree with that… we usually come out of the “discussions” with some kind of insight so I don’t mind it. Even when I’m wrong.

July 2nd. My roommate paid me rent… on time… without me asking. So stoked about that. I’ve been listening to TONS of Third Eye Blind lately (my favorite band of all time). Every time I listen to them something inside of me just perks up … and I feel good…. so the constant 3eb has been theraputic.

The smog/fire smoke isn’t so bad lately so we’re getting the sun back. I love the sun and I think that if it was a few thousand years ago I would have definitely been a sun worshipper – I feel that way now with the energy brought out by the different types of weather…. I love energy and noticing energy and listening to it. It’s intense.

Life is pretty good. I like being alive. I keep warning people about the changing times a-comin’ but no one is really listening to me. I am way serious though. We’re headed for a huge major earth/social change very very soon (within 5 years). I can feel it….. and it’s already in motion – all over the world. My advice – STAY GROUNDED and you’ll be fine.  Money doesn’t matter when you don’t have food to eat.

June 25, 2008

I cannot stand plastic….

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Try to go 24 hours without interacting with plastic?

I bet you can’t… but what you will notice is how much plastic there really is in world out there…and…please please think about this:


But who cares about freakin statistics, they aren’t real anyway. What is real is what the MAN MADE plastic is doing. It’s not natural people.

You might be suprised when you start seeing how much it really is everywhere.. just here sitting at my desk at work… where is the plastic? – my chair, keyboard, computer, phone, between cubicles, plastic binders, plastic garbage can, plastic tabs for files, plastic file folders, plastic CD cases, plastic tape dispenser, plastic stapler, plastic pens, plastic water bottle…..

GET ME AWAY FROM ALL THIS PLASTIC!! AAAHHH!!!! It’s gonna kill us all.

eewwww plastic

are they evil?

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pygmy marmosetSo, I realized this blogging thing is something I can do at work since they’ve blocked so many other sites with the web filter. My friend Sarah is writing a book – really nerdy – a bunch of stuff about cloning, alternate power structures, Gods… and quite possibly the little guy on the right. but… he might be evil.

That is a pygmy marmoset. it’s a teeny tiny monkey. fits in the palm of your hand…even at it’s size, everything about it works … breathing, eating, reproducing… everything. It’s so amazing to me all the incredible creatures on this earth … so many millions of different species .. all with their own purpose. Makes me so dissapointed with what we’re doing to the earth.. I mean… think of the pygmy marmosets!!! They’re just trying to live their lives!! damnit people!! recycle!! stop being so freakin selfish!


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