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June 11, 2009

thinking about alternate realities and energy

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So I have been wondering a lot about the things that have been unfolding in my life and thinking about how things could have been different if even just one small thing changed. So then I start imagining how things could have been… and I wonder if there really are an infinite number of realms of possibility all existing at the same time as each other… and we create the one we live in, but the others continue to exist on their own. That’s kind of what makes me think that everything happens as it’s supposed to – because the energy in the universe flows to it’s “chosen” path. I think about consciousness and how our perception/interpretation of it could be totally wrong. These bodies are machines and our minds are too. We just don’t know how to work them. It’s like putting an infant in front of a G4 Mac and wondering how long it will take to put together a spreadsheet. We can’t possibly understand – we just don’t have a capability to. So is it worth it to think about it and wonder and study – will we EVER figure it out???!!! Are we supposed to? I wish I knew even a teeny tiny piece that we were missing – even that would make me feel validated. Because right now I feel like that baby in front of the computer… and all I can do is bang on the keys and hopefully make some words.


July 9, 2008

CERN particle accelerator

So I have been reading a LOT about the giant Hadron Collider…

And — all of the REPORTS keep drilling into everyone that it’s all hypothetical – and that the energy in space and time are constantly bombarding the earth with these energies millions of times a second. This may be true – BUT – it is also outside of our atmosphere. I have never heard of these energies being created inside or especially underground (where the accelerator is) – naturally. So… for them to say that these reactions and these ‘hypothetical’ situations are almost unfeasable … is crazy. they are completely feasable!!! We have NO idea what is going to happen when they turn it on. We are colliding hydrogen atoms together at almost light speeds in order to create new matter – look what happened when we split one atom. These collisions could do things that we have no idea. I feel like the report was somewhat vauge and their arguments is weak. (read it… tell me what you think…) It’s an experiment – exactly that. I am really interested to see what happens with this whole thing. For all they know – nothing could happen. For all they know – we could destroy the earth.
I am trying to find out exactly when this tentative date is that they plan on turning this thing on so that Sarah and I can have a “possible end of the world” party. They are waiting for all of the magnets to cool down to 1.9 degrees above absolute zero. Once that happens, they’ll turn it on. Does anyone know when this is supposed to be?? There is nothing on their website that says the timeline…..

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