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January 10, 2013

I see the light

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I have discovered a program by Rori Raye… called Love Scripts for Relationships. It has changed my life. Literally. It has given me the insight to see how my actions have been perpetuating this constant cycle of miscommunication and arguing… and has helped me to dig deeper into my actions and dig deeper into my feelings. 

It makes me THINK about what I want to convey before I speak. It makes me stop myself before I speak… and decide, am I saying what i want to say?

I am blown away at change that has happened in our relationship just in the past week. It is fascinating and I feel free. I feel good!! 

By following her four rules:

1. don’t try to control your man

2. don’t try to control the outcome

3 stop yourself before you criticize, advice, judge, warn, coax, suggest or complain

4. learn to take no for an answer


It makes you really think about it… and what you are really feeling.


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