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July 3, 2008


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For some reason on my day off I decided to wake up at 6:00 and go to the gym…earlier than I ever wake up on a workday. I guess starting my day earlier makes it seem like I have a longer day…. and more time to get stuff done. Even though I wanted today to be a lazy day and didn’t want to do anything – now that I am up, I feel really motivated to get shit done. That will probably be better for me anyway.

I am finding lazy people more and more irritating lately.  I have a tattoo on my arm that says, “don’t even stand up if you have nothing to bring”, and it’s ringing true to me in so many ways… especially for myself.

I was depressed for about 2 months – feeling really terrible about my motivational status and lack of gumption for life. I knew that it would pass – but didn’t know when and I felt like such a bummer to other people. I am really hard on myself sometimes, I am learning how to just chill out though, at least a little bit. Sometimes I feel like if I am not hard on myself though, no one else will be, so it’s better that way. Until it drives me up a wall….or into a wall.

Another day – another blue sky and green trees to enjoy. I really hope you are finding something to enjoy today. There has to be at least one thing that made you smile today… and if not… find something. Okay if you don’t………do these work?

ahahahhaahhhh the blog


July 1, 2008

it takes me back…

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You know how there are some things that automatically revert you back into 5 year old mode? No matter how old you are, it always affects you that way?

Yea…. I wish I could control that better. Damn.

Today was decent. I made a silly vow to myself to make July better than May and June. It worked today.  On to tomorrow! WOOO!!

I just think of how much worse everything could be…. ya know… look on the bright side, stay positive…keep smiling, all that crap. It really works. It’s not crap. Smile at some people during the day – I promise it will make you feel better!!!!! If not… you’ll definitely learn something!

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