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July 4, 2009

my friends…..

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My friends are very very selfish.

Maybe because I am always so giving and people expect me to always be the ones reaching out. At this point – I don’t have the energy to be reaching out to anyone – I need others to reach out to me – and still…. all they do is make it about themselves. The friends who I actually care about and I would think would be there for me – hardly even ask me if I am okay – or if there is anything they can do. Maybe I just exude this attitude of not wanting help, that they don’t extend, because they feel that I have it all together or something. I don’t get it.

I just know I am pretty upset with the coldness of some people in my life – and how I have put up with it so much when I am stronger, but being in the state that I am in , I just can’t deal with it right now, and that sucks.


January 23, 2009

I think a lot.

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Sometimes I want to post a lot more on here. But I don’t.

So much changes every day and so many things could happen. The possibilities are so endless every day. Everything we know and everything we see could change in an instant… so what’s the point of ever getting comfortable? Should I just stay in and not go out and limit the possibilities of what could happen tonight? And is staying in really limiting anything or just changing the context of what could possibly happen? Anything could STILL happen.
I’m screwed either way. No control damnit!!

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