talking to myself

December 18, 2008

and it

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it is easy to find
and it’s easy to tell
that tomorrow brings what today left behind
can’t you see it too?
if you can’t…


July 13, 2008

manipulative word twisting.

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Do you have anyone in your life that you feel just “doesn’t get it”. It’s like you can explain something in the clearest of possible terms in words that aren’t in any way attached to an emotion and somehow. … SOMEWAY… that person twists things around and turns it into an emotional argument about something completely different?

WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE DO THAT?! and… What the hell are they thinking?

It is SO irritating when people play on your words to manipulate conversations into going their way, or a different way or to completely stop when there is still something to discuss. Or to keep drawing all the attention to you so that they don’t have to confront their own issues.

We are all flawed people. No need to attack someone in such a way. It’s messed up. and definitely NOT respectful.

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